Retaining Patients in Healthcare business with CRM


Healthcare technology is ever changing and evolving. Healthcare business that wants to keep up, need to stay on top of the latest tech trends and incorporate them into patient treatment. More so as the quality of care becomes crucial to profitability and survival with seasonal behavior of the earth.


In the current times, we often hear about the onset of new kind of diseases, viruses and bacteria are becoming even more resistant to traditional medicine than thought before. Ebola, H1N1, H1N5, H7N9 are some of the examples which have caused a global scare and shaken up the governments and healthcare professionals to keep a track of the changing patterns of diseases around the world. Storing and processing such a huge amount of data is not an easy task.


Customer Relationship Management (C.R.M.) is one such tool which is being increasingly used by the business around the world to manage their clients and customers and coax them into their patronage multiple times in the future. On similar lines, Healthcare CRM is being used in and around the globe to manage patient records. In case of any medical emergency or specific climatic conditions, such a database can be handy for companies to alert potential patients. Healthcare professionals can go through the stored data and alert the potential patients who are most serious.


A Pharma Industry CRM journey can be described in two different ways-     




Healthcare CRM software is capable of performing and managing healthcare CRM journey as under- Need, Research,  Booking, Care and aftercare with ease. CRM software helps a super specialty and multi-specialty hospitals to remain in contact with referring institutes. These referring institutes can be individual practitioners of medicine like the dentist, general physician, and general surgeon. Maintaining good contact with these referring institutes becomes a profitable venture for these specialist hospitals as it mostly happens that a patient needs special care.


When we talk about the healthcare retail journey it can be described as under- Need, Research, Vendor Selection, Purchase and Use. It can be easily followed by any organization or any institute involved in healthcare professionals to remain in contact with their patients. CRM software keeps the record of important events of the lives of their patients such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc. On these occasions, the concerned organization can send beautiful greeting cards and check-up reminders. This not only appeals emotionally to people who have suffered due to some disease earlier but also gained their trust, which ultimately becomes the symbiotic relationship between a patient and their caretaker (i.e. the healthcare organization). Loyal patients visit their favorite ones again and again and spread the good word among others. When this happens, healthcare CRM becomes a profitable investment.


Recently in a CRM project of the pharma retail chain company that was struggling to operate in various cities and towns. Managing huge volumes of data in terms of sale transactions, purchases and inventory was a real challenge for the organization. The other challenges included managing supply and demand, warehousing and inventory tracking, order entry and order management, distribution across all channels, and unwarranted losses due to shrinkage and wastage.  


The rapid expansion of the outlets leads to an increasingly complex pharmaceutical supply chain. Harmonized data reporting and real-time information were needed in order to move toward a versatile model for the business process to operate smoothly.


To meet this challenge, Advanz101 suggested the implementation of SuiteCRM which allows business users to search for, virtualize, analyze, act on, and make decisions with any internal or external, structured, or unstructured and distributed data.


By implementing SuiteCRM Solutions with Tibco Jaspersoft for reports, Javascript and Amazon web services, organization get following benefits-


  • Increased quality of business, by Improving relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Streamlined procurement management process and increased procurement  productivity
  • Multidimensional inventory management Fitting real business processes well
  • Enabled effective process control and decision making
  • Effective warehouse and supply chain management
  • Effective management of purchase orders, inventory, returns, STN’s and point of sale
  • Extensive real-time management reports for analysis and decision making
  • Capability to manage users to restrict the quantities of controlled drugs
  • Manages all the sales and retail operations in real time


If you are from a Healthcare Industry and thinking or looking to Implement Healthcare CRM for your organization, then suite CRM can be an excellent choice. Many of the clients in the USA at California, Florida, Texas, Alaska, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington and many more from different regions are using our customized services. 





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