Cutting-edge CRM Software Features that are set to dominate CRM Functionality in 2019


With millions of startups being launched globally every year, businesses – big, medium or small are presented with a continual challenge to establish a strong relationship with prospective customers and maintain a reliable and sustainable one with their existing customers. This is where CRM plays an instrumental role. 

Leading CRM software have seen a lot of innovations and changes in the past and have enabled organizations and businesses to reach new heights by simplifying their management and giving them the options to provide the best Customer Service. Customer Relationship Management software has undoubtedly transformed the way companies handle their clients and customers and has paved the future for actionable data that can be used to gain deeper insights into Customer Behaviour and Patterns, resulting in a strong customer-centric approach.

For an enterprise to survive in the current global business ecosystem, there is no standard path for entrepreneurial success. Key is to forge the right team and zero in on optimum business solutions, at whose center should be CRM systems. 

Presenting a round-up of the most buzzworthy features that will dot the future of CRM software for 2019; while some of them might seem inherent to any CRM system, they still happen to be indispensable and shall always be an intrinsic part of the setup irrespective of novel features that might get added as CRM ecosystems mature.

1. Healthy Database

For any enterprise, a good and qualified database with all-inclusive customer information proves to be a strong backbone. It provides the entrepreneur or sales teams with a central, secure and meticulously organized space for receiving all kinds of data coming in from different sources apart from customer information and purchase data. 

Moreover, this CRM software feature also enables setting up of all-encompassing customer profiles with aid from data insights. A business should always go for software that offers unlimited reporting and bulk importing to ease the constantly swelling data that will consequently be added to the system.


2. Analytics and Sales Forecasting

With this feature, you get a real-time view of your entire team’s forecast and see changes as soon as they are made. This is an essential feature for all kinds of sales setups as it gives an exact view of the entire business with overall forecasts. 

Leak identification in sales funnel gets simplified because data can be filtered in accordance with the salesperson or team. Turnaround time for sales and marketing strategies will reduce because the teams will be able to see which ones are working and which aren’t in real-time; the ones that aren’t yielding results can be modified or have less time invested in preventing further resource and time wastage.



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3. Payment Processing Ability

A CRM with this feature is essential for an SME or a startup as opposed to a basic functionality CRM platform. It will prove to be a big help with all needed tools intact right from customer relationship management to payment processing, allowing customer/client payment collection in a seamless manner.

An enterprise can also go for vendors who offer payment processing as an additional feature with a licensing fee charge along with annual charges on top of the CRM costs, this could prove to be not so cost-effective nor a practical option for the enterprise’s future. A start-up entrepreneur or a businessman of a stable enterprise should look for a CRM that has transparent pricing for the platform and the payment processing services with no hidden or setup charges.


4. Integrations and Syncing

The capability to integrate with other platforms is a must-have feature. Chat integration to offer customer support straight from the dashboard; a platform with in-team chat shall allow processing of multiple tasks from a single solution. Social media management and email marketing integrations also prove to be quite useful because it is highly advantageous to use third-party programs within a singular platform, making information sharing easy. 

In the past, CRM users had to log out of their accounts and then log in to their email accounts to view messages, by today ’s work environments this process is both redundant and inefficient as it shoots up the time wasted in moving in and out of multiple accounts. 

Therefore, CRM software with email integration and real-time syncing is an absolutely essential tool. Outbound and inbound email that synchronizes with email service giants like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo should be a part of the CRM one chooses.


5. In-built Customer Helpdesk

A CRM solution with this feature will provide you with an important option for facilitating quick and efficient support to all customers. It will also help in enhancing transparency and streamlining when tracking your client relations’ or team’s prowess in handling grievances, complaints, and support requests right from the point of receiving to resolving them.

And with a mobile CRM this process becomes all the simpler as support teams won’t be place-bound, they will be able to handle requests anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. 

By making the aforementioned features a deciding factor when choosing a CRM, you will automate many day-to-day processes and consequently save time and capital that can be invested in activities for revenue generation. 

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