MS Dynamics CRM Trends Dominating the Business Landscape of Canada


n Y2K, Microsoft made foray into the business applications market by making large scale acquisitions that brought Great Plains, Axapta, Solomon, etc into its portfolio. All these products including Navision aimed at small and midsize businesses, and projecting that Microsoft was offering business applications only for smaller companies. Microsoft was seen as a player that was not in the same league as SAP, Oracle, etc that catered to global organizations with enterprise applications. But the landscape eventually changed and Microsoft Business Solutions emerged with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as one of the leading CRM systems in the world. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Service Company in Canada and anywhere in the world is seen as a productivity enabler.

Globally the CRM ecosystem is evolving and Microsoft is at the forefront of this change. Let us look at some upgrades that have readiedDynamics CRM consulting for the future of business solutions.

Omnichannel outlook

A service or product’s customers look forward to a multichannel experience across various networks. Consistency and best quality experience increase user engagement. And this burden falls upon CRM to enhance Application Program Interface (API) and integration. Every customer expects brands to be available across leading multiple if not all channels while they go navigate various touch points.


IoT is here to stay

The integration of IoT into MS Dynamics CRM was inevitable as communication between devices is the mainstay of today’s technology landscape. IoT has not just crept in but in fact encroached upon our lives in a big way. Noting this many Dynamics CRM Services in Vancouver and Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Toronto, Ontario include this integration as a major CRM offering because IoT has reduced any kind of manual initiation when it comes to transferring relevant data between networks and mobile phones play a powerful role in the IoT dominant space.


Virtual Assistance

Instantaneous query addressal is the norm today through live chats. Delays can result in an interest dip for the product or service being offered. Chatbots have proved helpful in locating instant answers to queries after a swift search through CRM database. The presence of virtual assistance eases out the task of data entry and brings in place life like conversational interfaces with relevant information.


Connecting MS Dynamics CRM to your ERP system makes sense and will always be a trend!

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Further embrace Social Media

While this happens to be the most obvious integration, that of social media with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it also happens to be the most convenient way for people to share a chunk of personal information without much effort or coaxing. The most effective form of user engagement is by sharing information on potential customers’ social media accounts. This also aids in monitoring a person’s interests and needs. In fact, the sales team can also convert these leads with focused and prompt action. Social CRM holds great potential if harnessed and leveraged optimally, after all it was a change that was in the offing.



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Artificial Intelligence definitely stays


Office 365 Enterprise Consulting firms in Canada and across the globe are enabling workflows powered by artificial intelligence – this is very much a reality of the current CRM workspace and not just a far fetched dream. AI enmeshed into a CRM system can automate various tasks and reduce the pile of manual work and Automation is definitely the future. With AI as an indispensable component, the ‘future’ is at hand.


Augmented Reality

Globally the IT sector is incorporating Augmented Reality, with the popular acronym AR into its functioning. For example, with the help of cameras and apps, the CRM can get real-time and updated information without exerting much manual effort. A business can derive many benefits with AR technology, for instance, AR can be utilised for advertising as well as training purposes and other functions.

These trends have shaped the product enhancements to Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants pivot Microsoft Dynamics for a more connected world that exists and works on completely different operating systems and devices with constant UI improvements that improve the ability to track sales activities and other vital functions of an organisation.

There are some major reasons for these trends to sweep the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting Services in Toronto and elsewhere.

Firstly, there is an increasing desire among businesses, organisations, irrespective of their operational scale i.e. big or small to manage their people, equipment, and facilities as one global resource pool.

Secondly, multinational localizations is becoming a hallmark not only for large but small businesses as well. Thirdly, all enterprises are in continuous pursuit of improved productivity and streamlined operational control via worldwide business process consistency.

Lastly, the inherent need of businesses and global organisations to have operating systems that are fit to serve the needs of both their large and small operating units.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is set to bolster its presence among small and medium-sized organisations with the acquisitions of Navision, Axapta, and Great Plains. For companies and businesses seeking simpler solutions than SAP, the platform of Microsoft Dynamics holds great appeal for them. MS Dynamics shines specifically where smaller organizations are yet to adapt large and complex ERP systems. Organizational change management and business processing shall remain critical for this CRM platform. As technology becomes further pervasive and an inherent organ of organisations across the world, it will be critical for Microsoft to implement the CRM software for more project managers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM holds a solid position in the market and its interaction with actual employees will determine its success and failure in the future. Microsoft continues to forage ways to keep Dynamics fresh and updated with the latest trends and technologies and this consistency keeps it ahead of the curve. Coupled with the willingness to invest heavily in research and development helps it retain its position of being an industry leader.

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