MailChimp Integration with Popular CRM Systems


Through email marketing brands can slip into the daily lives of lead, leaving a personal touch. It is used by every leading brand and turns out to be a great tool. Using MailChimp integration with your CRM, you can automate the multiple tasks like synchronization, mail circulation with standard templates.

mailchimp integration with CRM systems

Zoho CRM Integration with Mailchimp

MailChimp integration with Zoho CRM allows us to import and export the data from MailChimp to Zoho or vice versa. Also, your team can sync the campaigns and subscribers’ information. After synchronization, your team can save the lead contacts from MailChimp to ZohoCRM and can access that on the same dashboard.

SuiteCRM & MailChimp Integration

The MailChimp integration with SuiteCRM gives the ultimate power to your sales team. Your team can plan the synchronization of CRM leads, contacts, campaigns, and different modules. Also, this synchronization can be pre-scheduled based on the difference in the time you want to keep. The team can create different modules, followup, and campaigns without switching between these tools. This helps in increasing the efficiency and overall conversion.

Salesforce Integration with MailChimp

If the sales graph of your company is a concern; you might consider having a tool that provides access to leads, various exclusive reports, and manage all these leads. The MailChimp integration with Salesforce CRM is the answer for you. You can add the customer profiles, membership, subscription from MailChimp to your Salesforce. This provides you the snapshots of recent activity in the MailChimp account. These snapshots are based on the campaign report and statistics of conversion during the campaign.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with MailChimp

The integration of MailChimp with your MS Dynamics 365, helps you storing the data right into your CRM while promoting the organization via email marketing. This makes the task easy for the team, as they can sync the data, select the required field for the reports. This also helps in improving the practice of regular email communication with leads.

At Advanz101, our experts understand your business needs and take their time to study the buying pattern of your lead and the best way to approach them. They help you with integrating the tools with your CRM system and setting up the standard modules, so your team does not struggle with the new dashboard.

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